Memorials / Mnimosina

Memorials / Mnimosina

In the Greek Orthodox religion, koliva is a dish that is full of ritual significance. It symbolizes the circle of death and rebirth. Koliva, consisting of boiled wheat, raisins and spices, is traditionally prepared for and blessed during various memorial services, which are typically commemorated on Sundays 40 days, 1 year or more, after the passing of a loved one. Koliva is also prepared on special occasions such as the Saturday of Souls. The symbolic use of Koliva in our Church services, is that the wheat berries represent the promise of everlasting life, the raisins the sweetness of life, and the spices are symbols of plenty. So man may be regarded as a seed, he is given to the earth through death, and will rise again. Please contact the church office at least one week in advance to order Koliva trays in memory of a loved one.

Memorial Services are not held:

1. All Holy Days of our Lord (Despotikai Eortai): Christmas, Epiphany, Pascha, Transfiguration, etc.
2. From the Saturday of Lazarus to and including St. Thomas Sunday
3. Pentecost Sunday
4. August 15

Memorial Services are usually held on the:

1. 40th day
2. Sixth month
3. First year
4. Third year
5. Saturday of the Souls set aside throughout the Church Year